Hazards of Exposing Yourself: Freeing Your Wild Gyspy Soul

Fear of Failure? Do it anyway. Fear of Mediocrity? Oh just keep going.

You can delete your less inspired content later. You know you are not yet perfectly doing what you are hoping to do, and you are putting it on display that you are a student. You strive for the badassness at all times but sometimes you have to use what I call a placeholder as you develop other
content. So you end up with well developed content with placeholders. Come back to the placeholder when things make more sense. Then polish the other content.

Keep going with this never-ending process, and you will find your magic pot of gold.

Then you will have a cohesive body of work. The process, however is not cohesive. Blogging is nerve racking because here you are attempting to communicate with the world in a meaningful way for the first time maybe ever, and sometimes the world does not communicate back to you. There is little feedback and engagement in the first months of blogging, which makes it hard to steer the blog in the right direction, and difficult to stay focused and inspired toward your goal.

On top of that, it feels like you are always promoting blog posts and always talking about your blog which feels unnatural if you are not one to talk all day long about yourself.

And yet, you are soon going to be revealing all kinds of things about yourself to the entire world. Everyone you know will know as much about you as they have chosen to digest. If you take a stupid picture, everyone will know. If you make a careless mistake, everyone will know. If you are ignorant on a topic you think you know about, everyone will know. 

If you are a little bit crazy, guess what. Everyone will know.

On the flip side, this transparency allows you to explore and develop new parts of yourself and shed your old skins that no longer fit.

And you know what, if you are crazy, everyone already knows. It’s what makes you so gosh darn lovable you little bohemian!


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