Digging for gold? When your followers are underground.

Hello my beautiful. My love. My desire.
I want to know you. I want to change the world with you. 

I have always found my tribe in unlikely places, collecting overachieving introverts and underdogs as friends. Now that I’m looking in the digital sphere for my soul brothers and sisters to learn from, co-create with and serve, feedback has come slowly but surely. 

I did not go to blogging school. As a designer and writer with entrepreneurial fire I have been figuring it out as I go along through intuition, tenacity and determination. The thing I hate the most is when I am spinning my wheels. Not knowing which way to turn, I try experimental things. Sometimes with epic results, often to epic fail. 

Spinning wheels of frustration. Candles burning on both ends. 

We all know how it goes. I made a big mistake right off the bat, as I was trying to increase my followers (from zero in most cases) as opposed to taking the slow road and developing real relationships. I didn’t really know what engagement was. I read about post scheduling and was advised to increase your followers, post your content in 15 groups (errrm I am humbled guys, not proud…) but I didn’t know exactly how that was coming across, how do the algorithms work, who even sees my posts and after a couple of weeks I figured out... 

Oh my gosh this is spammy!
This is what spammers do. I shall not be a spammer!
I can’t believe I spammed. I really didn’t mean to. So now what?

I stopped. I came into the present moment and started participating in actual conversations with people who are doing exactly what I want to do, from the heart. The souls who connect with the mission of my heart and the purpose of our existence to end toxicity in all forms, you are my tribe. 

I am here to serve you. We can totally make the world a better place, and have a blast doing it.
We can create brands across all channels that will influence the world for positive change. <3


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