Wanna ride with the wind? Time to build your gypsy wagon!

Bloggers paint the picture of a romantic traveling lifestyle with ultra luxe camper conversions and super tight Airstreams. The dream is alive to work from home pursuing your passion, or work from your traveling home seeing the world.

Ditch your possessions, ditch your attachments tomaterialism… and embrace freedom. 

Gen Xers and Millennials are reconsidering the American Dream. The bohemian dream beckons an exodus from the suburbs. Do I really need all the items I have accumulated? What items do I need? Where is happiness found?

I find it in the skies, whether cloudy, blue or a sparkling night of stars. I wonder how often I will really get to see the stars in my lifetime. I hear through the virtual grapevine you can live your dreams. Document them online in a stylish and whimsical way, and you will be on your way to being carried away in your very own wifi-enabled traveling palace on wheels.

Build a blog and get paid to work from the beach!
After a couple of years of thankless work, the dream can be yours.

Scary? Yes. Possible? Of course.

Check out these incredible conversions. You’re going to want to run off too!

Couple takes 276SF Camper on the Road

Do you want to run away in a gypsy wagon? 

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