Pirate's Pleasure: Swag for Swashbuckling

Lads and lasses, get on your boots and polish your periscope, because these are the days of the pirate’s pleasure. Jumping from ship to ship on waves of adventure, you are in need of threads fit for swashbuckling. Adorned with jewels from uncharted lands, your reputation needn’t precede you as you arrive looking suitably infamous. 

With all your straps, stripes and laces, you hold the key to the most envied and sought after pirate booty.

To get the look of a trailblazing pirate, reach for rich fabrics with dramatic draping, buckles, ruffles and gratuitous lacing. Snag yourself a leather corset belt and pair with stripes. Elect some bling fit for a pirate king and forget about searching for treasure, because the treasure is you.

Think Stripes, Buckles, Bling and Laces!

I love all the ruffles and the sheen of this taffeta satin skirt, and I love the lacing. This corset has left me breathless. I attained this peasant top at a folk shop in Austria, now I think I should get many more.

If you don’t feel like becoming an anachronistic piece of performance art, adopt more of a ready-to-wear approach. Here I am modeling a striped T by H & M and dramatic slitted flowing skirt by American Apparel. My platform stilettos were snagged brand new at a thrift shop and this tan leather corset belt is courtesy of my eclectic eBay search terms.

Do you like my golden bling ring? 

I fell in love with it in Verona, the city of star-crossed lovers.

Feeling more like a Blondie-esque disco biker pirate? 

Rock the disco pants and striped top, both by American Apparel. Zipper vest is from Metro Boutique in Portland. Corset belt with silver buckles– H & M and pixellated houndstooth print scarf is from American Apparel. 

Oh and look! My Jolly Roger cameo bracelet is made from a pin I found attached to a cheap top at Topshop in the UK. Cute? Aye! 

Now that I have given you all these wild ideas, go forth and conquest! Look for treasures in unlikely places. Check out the styles I’ve selected for you and get the look of a luscious lass!

What Katie Did Lalique Velvet Laurie Corset

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