Living the Luxe Life in Luscious Lace

blonde modeling vintage nightgown on chaise

Oh Love Oh Love! How I love how Love loves me!

And I love all these blingin’ pieces I have selected for this romantic shoot. Love this vintage pink neglige with floor length overcoat and these sparkling gold shoes. Love my dreamer’s dictionary and these Swarovski crystal diamonds. Love the design on this late 18th century Marseilles tarot deck. Doesn’t it look decadent and dreamy with all the crystals and lace. Where oh where in my life can I wear this decadent gown?
And may I have a top-up on my champagne please? Luscious ladies, grab your luxe lace pieces and flowing chiffon and let’s bring back this romantic look. Bathe in frankincense and rosewater, and adorn yourself with crystals and pearls. Play your favorite deep lounge track while you dream of your love and live in this luscious lace.

Grab yourself a croissant darling because breakfast is at Tiffany’s today.

blonde modeling pink vintage silk nightgown on chaise

blonde modeling vintage nightgown while standing with rose

blonde modeling vintage pink lace nightgown and scarf with wall art

blonde modeling vintage pink lace nightgown and scarf with wall art

Be Inspired By the Beauty Around You 

I like to surround myself with objects of beauty and get fashion and design inspiration from different time periods. This look is inspired by the Bohemian Victorian Spiritualist movement and is utterly magical. I got my ideas from the costume designs in the Showtime Series Penny Dreadful starring the lovely and fetching Eva Green.

Marseilles Tarot Deck

Floral French hat box decoration

gold crystal bling chandelier earrings and swarovski crystal diamonds

Get the Luscious Lace Look

Get this look by pairing flowing transparent chiffon, muslin and lace. Get inspiration for your accessories from exquisite found objects. Select some sparkling gold stilettos. Voila! Now you are a lady in waiting for your perfect dream come true.

Get This

long cream colored lace dress long lace wrap dress with slit

Get Inspired By

Stash it in French Silk


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