Fashion Forward: Save the Planet by Shopping

I hate to be the one to say “the planet is dying” but the planet is… ummm… you know. Young fashionistas need to know. How quickly the situation improves depends on how quickly we wake up to the effects of our purchasing decisions. We all buy and sell. We can’t all become barefoot hippies living in tree holes. But the choices we make determine the direction of the health of the planet. Collectively, and we can feel really good about walking in a new direction.

The Problem: Fast Fashion

I worked at Macy’s moving products from initial display to markdown to bargain bin. The success of the company is measured by how fast giant truckloads cycle through the store. The amount of waste this produces is staggering. It doesn’t take too much of a leap to figure out there are just too many clothes being produced, and we have been dining on a consumer diet that doesn’t satisfy. The items we are buying at Macy’s and the like do not stay in our closet for decades. Let’s be real, mindless buying is running the planet into the ground.

The Way of the Future: Conscious Consuming

Boho Desire is here to promote the incredible fashion styles and lifestyle products of eco-friendly and socially conscious artisans and designers. I want to make what is currently underground mainstream. I want the world to know about the amazing things that artists and designers are doing to promote a healthy, fashionable future and support these lovely souls instead of wasting dollars on uncaring conglomerates.

It is a challenge to go the conscious direction in blogging because affiliate links available to new bloggers are to overseas fast fashion clearing houses. I would very much prefer to link to independent business owners producing their products locally. However if you are buying something you are going to treasure for decades, I don’t think you have to feel too guilty for buying something from one of my links.

That said, in the coming months I will be looking for the most fabulous eco friendly and socially conscious fashions to promote. If you are a vendor and producer of extraordinary items that make us look fly and help the planet and society, I want to help the world learn about your products. 

I was overjoyed to discover Melodia Designs

This incredible line of gypsy styled dance and yoga wear is totally designed and made in the USA with eco friendly fabrics. I am dying to adorn myself in this ultra-luxe goddess wear so please, click one of my banners and purchase something you will love for eons. If enough people click my link, I get to buy an eco friendly belly dancing outfit. And Melodia gets to continue to grow her beautiful company.

There are so many incredible items of apparel in the world and so many ways to be conscious about how we adorn ourselves. If this is a topic you care about, please tweet this and share the love!



  1. You are right! It will be a slow progress to move towards ecofriendly fashion. Purely because it doesn't look fashionable enough. However, we have broken boundaries. I recently did a collaboration with Mayamiko and they are ethical eco friendly....You should check it on

    Let me know what you think?

  2. Yes! I am planning to round up as many ethical/ ecofashion designers as possible and promote the heck out of them on world fashion groups. Another aspect of conscious consuming is simply loving and cherishing what you buy for the long haul... Love the prints on that Mayamiko line, so unique :) And affordable... great job


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