Trauma Drama? Break through to Ecstasy!

We all know the power of positive thinking. How do we claim the riches that belong to us? How do we feel royally divine? 


Digging for gold? When your followers are underground.

Hello my beautiful. My love. My desire.
I want to know you. I want to change the world with you. 

I have always found my tribe in unlikely places, collecting overachieving introverts and underdogs as friends. Now that I’m looking in the digital sphere for my soul brothers and sisters to learn from, co-create with and serve, feedback has come slowly but surely. 

Wanna ride with the wind? Time to build your gypsy wagon!

Bloggers paint the picture of a romantic traveling lifestyle with ultra luxe camper conversions and super tight Airstreams. The dream is alive to work from home pursuing your passion, or work from your traveling home seeing the world.


Hazards of Exposing Yourself: Freeing Your Wild Gyspy Soul

Fear of Failure? Do it anyway. Fear of Mediocrity? Oh just keep going.

You can delete your less inspired content later. You know you are not yet perfectly doing what you are hoping to do, and you are putting it on display that you are a student. You strive for the badassness at all times but sometimes you have to use what I call a placeholder as you develop other

Pirate's Pleasure: Swag for Swashbuckling

Lads and lasses, get on your boots and polish your periscope, because these are the days of the pirate’s pleasure. Jumping from ship to ship on waves of adventure, you are in need of threads fit for swashbuckling. Adorned with jewels from uncharted lands, your reputation needn’t precede you as you arrive looking suitably infamous. 


Bohemian Burlesque

Be the Belle of the Boudoir! 

Following from my last piece on Living Luxe in Lace, I have discovered the most ethereal goddesswear possibly on the planet. Forget Victoria’s Secret, let’t talk Coco de Mer. Coco de Mer is London’s most tasteful and luxurious erotic shop, with clientele such as Dita von Teese and Helena Christensen.

Living the Luxe Life in Luscious Lace

blonde modeling vintage nightgown on chaise

Oh Love Oh Love! How I love how Love loves me!

And I love all these blingin’ pieces I have selected for this romantic shoot. Love this vintage pink neglige with floor length overcoat and these sparkling gold shoes. Love my dreamer’s dictionary and these Swarovski crystal diamonds. Love the design on this late 18th century Marseilles tarot deck. Doesn’t it look decadent and dreamy with all the crystals and lace. Where oh where in my life can I wear this decadent gown?

Fashion Forward: Save the Planet by Shopping

I hate to be the one to say “the planet is dying” but the planet is… ummm… you know. Young fashionistas need to know. How quickly the situation improves depends on how quickly we wake up to the effects of our purchasing decisions. We all buy and sell. We can’t all become barefoot hippies living in tree holes. But the choices we make determine the direction of the health of the planet. Collectively, and we can feel really good about walking in a new direction.

Get the High Vibe: 7 ways to Hijack the Force

If you have experienced any sort of awakening you can feel the difference between vibrationally dense living and the light ‘magical’ way. I employ holistic practices to lighten up my vibration and allow room for healthy growth in my life. When you are living in the creative flow of the universe— creation is an organic process that grows as it is meant to be just like a seed growing into a tree. I can stay in the flow for days and days at a time and experience a fairly easy flow of bliss if I practice high vibrational living.

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