FILM REVIEW: Enter the Void: Trainspotting on Acid

Enter the void movie poster


I can be a tough crowd. If you are talking mind-bending triptastic films, avant garde performance art and fractal visuals, you might say I’m overeducated. Enter the Void. Right up my alley it would seem. My sweetheart was urging me to JUST watch 10 minutes of this film before we took off for our pizza date. I really wanted the pizza but reluctantly I agreed. Transpotting on acid is a great way to describe it but actually— this is Trainspotting on DMT.

The techno credit sequence entrances you immediately with a high energy, strobing metallic rhythm. The film is atmospheric, set in the post apocalyptic modern day wonderland that is Tokyo. If you ever wondered what is it like to party psychedelic style in Tokyo— this film delivers a beautiful glimpse of the universe that few may enter into. The film moves at the pace of the characters — junkies hanging out in a tiny hippy flat, moving and speaking slowly — but the atmospheric effect is so well done you feel like you are in the space with the characters. The story itself is deep, with gritty scenes of the Japanese gangster underworld, and deeply moving plotline interwoven between the two main characters.

The crowning achievement of the film is the DMT trip which occurs approximately 10 minutes in and lasts 5 minutes — it is an extremely well done fractal representation of neurosynaptic visual pleasure mists washing over the body and soothing the soul. It is so well done it entrances you like the drug itself. The DMT trip is portrayed as a journey into the afterlife— and I would say it takes the viewer straight to heaven— but first the characters must journey through their earthly lives. 
Not often have I had my mind blown by atmospheric visuals and sound, but this film delivered in a big way. Not often do I have my consciousness transformed through the well done entrancement of an avant garde art film. A sneak peak into the Tokyo psychedelic art house scene? And moved by the plot as well? Oui, thank you Gaspar Noe.



  1. Wow! I will have to check this one out. Sounds like me kind of flick. Thanks for the suggestion.

    1. You won't be disappointed! It is pretty wild.

  2. Wow! I will have to check this one out. Sounds like me kind of flick. Thanks for the suggestion.


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