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get the cosmic gangster look by american apparel


It causes problems to be uber fly in a world that doesn’t believe in magic. Take being a dancer, for example. Seems born in my DNA to dance like a maniac. I like to get super down. It’s a great way to stay in shape, and totally legit to dance like a maniac on stage, but once you start getting down in unexpected places you might raise an eyebrow or two.

Is it art? Is it allowed? Is it fun? I say oui, but in my experience dancing the “wrong” way will get you the stink-eye from different directions. At the very same time you will elicit a room full of grins.

So do we share our cosmic gangster dance videos with possible stink-eye givers? I say oui oui. If you want to look the part while you are being Michael-Jackson-bad on a galactic scale, check out American Apparel for their durable spandex made-in-the-USA items. I love American Apparel because besides being made in America, I can layer workwear pieces with dancewear and totally get away with it. Their apparel feels really good and is made to last. The variety is dreamworthy as are the discounts to members of Le Club.



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