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Boho Desire is fashion on the cutting edge with a bohemian soul. It is is renegade pirate style. My name is Penny. I am a designer and a lifelong student of transformational topics. Working at an ad agency, I am learning things every day that will benefit anyone looking to expand their brand. The limits to who and what you are and can be are completely within your own mind, and I want to help you tear down the false assumptions that keep you from living the badass life you were sent here to live.


I will cover the topics of fashion, beauty and lifestyle in a soul centered but totally renegade fashion. I will question our fast food fashion tastes. I will show you what I can do so you can question what you can do, and together we can direct the evolution of arts and consciousness. 
I want to show you how I use fashion as a transformative art form— so that everywhere you go people are left scratching their chins and wondering— who was that diabolical creature? The mark of your style will leave an imprint on those you come across. You will learn to use your styling abilities to your advantage no matter what you are facing on any given day.
To be a renegade fashion pirate you’re going to have to have cohones. Tenacity. Gumption. You need a bucketful of ‘don’t give a flying flipness'. It is said so much that it sounds like a cliche but if you put it into practice, your life will transform. 
I love art and I love life and I want to see as many people as possible shining bright and creating new movements.

Until next time, Bohemian Dreamers, keep on dreaming.


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