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My profession is graphic design. Since I got the vision for Boho Desire, the steps to success take have been organically flowing. I thought it would be a good idea to share my procress as I go along to help anyone else who is attempting to build a brand online. Here is what I have accomplished in the past week since hearing those angels singing.
  1. – I registered my domain name 6 months ago when I first conceived my company.
  2. I have been developing Boho Desire branding — What is Boho Desire? What does it stand for? What is Boho Desire here to accomplish? I designed a logo and determined the look and feel. There are many user friendly apps for non-designers to create graphics— my suggestion at this stage is stay classic. Choose tasteful typography and muted colors.
  3. I registered on Blogger, fumbled through the templates to design my site and started writing.
  4. I had actually registered for Google AdSense a couple of years ago so no hoops to jump through. Got some ads up on Boho Desire! I also signed up for Amazon Affiliates and started adding links to my blog posts for suggested products.
  5. This week I started an Instagram campaign to attract followers who will be engaged in my content and whom I can learn from and collaborate with. A few quick and dirty on the fly photo shoots and I am on my way. I placed my graphic designs into the Instagram grid in a unique fashion. I have been attracting plenty of followers this way.
  6. I started a Youtube channel. I created the channel art and the thumbnail designs, and added my description.
  7. Facebook — I began posting about my process with my friends and posting links to my blog. I signed up for SlackSocial which will allow you to post blog articles in up to 250 groups a day in one click. Caveat is they only will post to public groups. I have only come up with 7 public groups so far but I will be researching more Facebook groups in line with my message. I also am looking into converting my profile into a business page but then of course I can only have “likes” and no “friends”. However, your friends are automatically converted to likes to give you a head start.
  8. Twitter —This will be a useful tool once my brand is built. This is a slow moving train, and I must develop my blog to the point of having a full magazine’s worth of stellar articles before I spend very much time promoting.
Next I will be learning everything I can about photography in order to take professional high fashion non-selfie-looking photos. I will be mirror posing to get just the right smize. I will be doing yoga and practicing lounging luxuriously with a blas̩ look on my face. I am really excited about the next part of the process because it is the meat and potatoes of what I want to do Рart directing fashion photo shoots Рand to top it off I can finally be a model, as there are no height barriers at Boho Desire. In fact, to be a renegade pirate fashion blogger, it is required at times to break a rule. In the name of progress, I will stand tall for tiny models.

I hope my articles will help you. If you have questions or suggestions for topics, please let me know.

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