Boho Wish List: Dresses of Desire

Girls, I have found the dresses of your dreams. Did you know I knew you want your dream dresses for $50 or less? These picks range from boho to romantic to mod and when you wear these styles you will be the belle of the boho ball.

Jollychic Asymmetrical Hem Solid Chiffon Womens Slip Dress

Ladies, this dress is your personal passport to romance. Layers of flowing, breezy lace chiffon at $46.99 is a steal. This dress can be worn in multiple centuries and in different cities at the many luncheons you will be attending for your company, Bossbiz Studios.

Jollychic Crew Neck Print Patchwork Loose T-Shirt Dress Plus Size L-5XL

I hate to bring clowns into modern fashion as am definitely in the anti-crazy clown camp. I find menacing crazy clowns to be quite disgraceful. However I can't resist this adorable mime dress. This guy is practically Parisian. Pair this with striped tights and black boots and you will be quite the whimsical show-stealer.

Jollychic Letters Print Slim Long Dress

Ladies, something is happening in Slovakia and the only way for anyone to find out what it is is to stand next to you. You will be a work of art in this typographic dress, and never run out of things to talk about.

Jollychic O-Neck Sleeveless Solid Womens Maxi Dress

Sheer flowing chiffon cascades in a windswept fashion everywhere you go in this tasteful frock. Grab yourself some platform sandals a la this model above and you will be standing tall in divine fashion. These dresses from Jolly Chic are a steal, why not get one for yourself.


Jollychic Patchwork Color Block Peter Pan Collar Black Dress

I'm not sure how old is too old to pull of the Lolita look, but an ingenue can remain innocent for aeons, so if you are tempted by this adorable Peter Pan collar Alice in Wonderland dress, I don't blame you. I'm thinking it is the perfect backdrop to show off a striking art handbag. At $19.99 it could be the most practical $20 you spend this year.

Jollychic Plus Sizes O Neck Print T Shirt Dress

Oh Paris, oh Paris how I dream of thee. Wear your Parisian dreams for all to see in this dreamy Tshirt dress. Get yourself some thigh high stockings and some lace up over-the-knee boots and your outfit is bangin'. I believe you will also want to wear some chunky bangles with this ensemble.

Jollychic Short Sleeves Print Stretch Bodycon Midi Dress

I've got to say I don't know who Mackay is but this girl is MOD. It appears to be just a play on Mickey with the Mousketeer ears but my oh my how fresh and mod is this streamlined midi dress!

Have I sparked your desire? Go on then, treat yourself. Treat yourself well.

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