A New Breeze on the Flea Market Circuit

framed picture of crystal


Traveling salesmen, peddling smokey dark amber honey from well tended bees who feed on pollen from the yaupon tree on South Padre Island. "Contrast this with the light citrus clover honey made by local Hill Country Bees," he suggests. Fancy a frothy Ziegenbock mid-afternoon and sample the free popcorn. Sit in the shade while the breeze washes over you, and come home loaded with loot.
Spending just over $50 I bought a vial of handmade avocado skin oil, a glistening chunk of quartz crystal, bit of fool's gold, a handmade clock pendant, copper bling beaded candle holder and some delicious bergamot orange soap.
The peddlers have really stepped up their game. Dusty old trunks full of funk may no longer be the case, but you will find some funky items.
Support your local artisans and purchase gorgeous handmade products. Don't know where the swapping and shopping is happening? Try one of the links below. 
On my next trip I am thinking chandelier upcycle!

hand crafted pendants and jewelryhand crafted jewelryvintage keyboardceramic cat lamp

blonde selfie at flea market



  1. I love re-sale. I just went to the local goodwill yesterday and got some great items. While Christmas shopping, I always get the urge to buy for myself. A second hand store helped with the craving without breaking my bank.

    1. Yes! It's insane how many unique and high end items people throw out. :)


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