Boho Wish List: Dresses of Desire

Girls, I have found the dresses of your dreams. Did you know I knew you want your dream dresses for $50 or less? These picks range from boho to romantic to mod and when you wear these styles you will be the belle of the boho ball.


Luxe Life is the Lounge Life: Kimono Style

Darling, darling. You’ve been waiting so patiently for your world traveling film directing lover to wrap production in Nepal. You can certainly take care of yourself, but oh how you have missed him. Not that the Isle of Capri hasn’t delivered at making your Bond-girl fantasies come true. But nothing can top true love in the flesh.

How I got my dream job

branded promotional gift

A couple of years ago I was the art director for a magazine. It was very high volume and I felt I didn’t have the chance to dig deep into the creative process on projects. I needed a way out— or a way up you might say. I had worked at a creative agency before in a different city— but in my current town agencies are few and very competitive. Through a self directed creative campaign I was offered 2 jobs at 2 top agencies. How did I get my agency job?


Setting up your Blogging Studio

design your studio space

This week I have been setting up my home studio. Since I will be doing fashion shoots for my style features, product photos for beauty articles and filming a Youtube channel, I want to make the process as seamless as possible. I ditched my iPhone pics for a new camera. I converted my spare room into my blogging studio and here I will tell you the details.

Style Forecast: Gypsy Romance

bohemian on park bench with velvet skirt It’s in your blood. You travel where your bohemian heart takes you. The stars are your compass and your heart is your guide. Play the part of the ingenue of your bohemian dreams with this luxe gypsy styling. Lush fabrics of silk, velvet and satin pair with contemporary pieces for the nouveau gypsy look. Start with a showpiece such as this crimson velvet peasant skit. With an off-the shoulder top

Building Your Brand on Social Media

logo on computer sreen

My profession is graphic design. Since I got the vision for Boho Desire, the steps to success take have been organically flowing. I thought it would be a good idea to share my procress as I go along to help anyone else who is attempting to build a brand online. Here is what I have accomplished in the past week since hearing those angels singing.

Rocking Socks. American Apparel Style

fashion by american apparel
get the cosmic gangster look by american apparel


It causes problems to be uber fly in a world that doesn’t believe in magic. Take being a dancer, for example. Seems born in my DNA to dance like a maniac. I like to get super down. It’s a great way to stay in shape, and totally legit to dance like a maniac on stage, but once you start getting down in unexpected places you might raise an eyebrow or two.

Luscious Living is Here

luscious living is here typographic branding element


Boho Desire is fashion on the cutting edge with a bohemian soul. It is is renegade pirate style. My name is Penny. I am a designer and a lifelong student of transformational topics. Working at an ad agency, I am learning things every day that will benefit anyone looking to expand their brand. The limits to who and what you are and can be are completely within your own mind, and I want to help you tear down the false assumptions that keep you from living the badass life you were sent here to live.

A New Breeze on the Flea Market Circuit

framed picture of crystal


Traveling salesmen, peddling smokey dark amber honey from well tended bees who feed on pollen from the yaupon tree on South Padre Island. "Contrast this with the light citrus clover honey made by local Hill Country Bees," he suggests. Fancy a frothy Ziegenbock mid-afternoon and sample the free popcorn. Sit in the shade while the breeze washes over you, and come home loaded with loot.
Spending just over $50 I bought a vial of handmade avocado skin oil, a glistening chunk of quartz crystal, bit of fool's gold, a handmade clock pendant, copper bling beaded candle holder and some delicious bergamot orange soap.
The peddlers have really stepped up their game. Dusty old trunks full of funk may no longer be the case, but you will find some funky items.
Support your local artisans and purchase gorgeous handmade products. Don't know where the swapping and shopping is happening? Try one of the links below. 
On my next trip I am thinking chandelier upcycle!

hand crafted pendants and jewelryhand crafted jewelryvintage keyboardceramic cat lamp

blonde selfie at flea market



UGLY SWEATER CONTESTS. Who know such a thing would take off? Found this little number on the Goodwill “Ugly Sweater” rack. To my amazement — my local Goodwill jacked up the prices of ALL their Christmas themed granny sweaters to $20 each! What!? Can’t blame them for cashing in on the craze. OK. This was the only bargain in the house at $7.99 but I didn’t even need to see the price. I had to have it. This was the one.

I was frantically slashing this thing early this morning before work — what do you think? Am I rockin’ the Rock? If you gotta wear something ugly, just slash it and give it some style! 


FILM REVIEW: Enter the Void: Trainspotting on Acid

Enter the void movie poster


I can be a tough crowd. If you are talking mind-bending triptastic films, avant garde performance art and fractal visuals, you might say I’m overeducated. Enter the Void. Right up my alley it would seem. My sweetheart was urging me to JUST watch 10 minutes of this film before we took off for our pizza date. I really wanted the pizza but reluctantly I agreed. Transpotting on acid is a great way to describe it but actually— this is Trainspotting on DMT.

The techno credit sequence entrances you immediately with a high energy, strobing metallic rhythm. The film is atmospheric, set in the post apocalyptic modern day wonderland that is Tokyo. If you ever wondered what is it like to party psychedelic style in Tokyo— this film delivers a beautiful glimpse of the universe that few may enter into. The film moves at the pace of the characters — junkies hanging out in a tiny hippy flat, moving and speaking slowly — but the atmospheric effect is so well done you feel like you are in the space with the characters. The story itself is deep, with gritty scenes of the Japanese gangster underworld, and deeply moving plotline interwoven between the two main characters.

The crowning achievement of the film is the DMT trip which occurs approximately 10 minutes in and lasts 5 minutes — it is an extremely well done fractal representation of neurosynaptic visual pleasure mists washing over the body and soothing the soul. It is so well done it entrances you like the drug itself. The DMT trip is portrayed as a journey into the afterlife— and I would say it takes the viewer straight to heaven— but first the characters must journey through their earthly lives. 
Not often have I had my mind blown by atmospheric visuals and sound, but this film delivered in a big way. Not often do I have my consciousness transformed through the well done entrancement of an avant garde art film. A sneak peak into the Tokyo psychedelic art house scene? And moved by the plot as well? Oui, thank you Gaspar Noe.



designer velvet jacket


Heading to work in my $600 outfit and I feel like a million dollars. Along my quest to find a sustainable, affordable and conscious answer to my shopping fetish I have discovered riches on the Goodwill racks. In my teens I was a boutique thrift and vintage store junkie— heading to the parts of town where elderly people were passing on and donating antique treasures to my authentic mod hippy fashion collection.

I still own a few of those priceless treasures — and nowadays I am finding gorgeous practical attire such as this ultra professional number I styled from 100% Goodwill finds. 


Shoes: Steve Madden $7.99  Retail: $89.99
Floor length denim skirt with asymmetrical seam detail: Bisou Bisou $6.99  Retail: $89
Cotton print top with pouf sleeves and buckle detail: Express Design Studio $3.99  Retail: $54
Black velvet jacket with metal buttons and metal zipper pockets: $9.99 Retail: $400

Nothing beats the feel of a silk-lined velvet jacket with zipper pockets that is built to last forever. Thank you universe!

Top by Express
blonde in designer clothes


I’m here to help you live the dreams of your heart. To do what you love and love what you do. To love life— live purposefully and freely— raising the collective vibration of humanity. And most importantly… to have FUN and own your bliss! Once we break out of the collective programming of the false, fear-based world order, the potential for joy and richness is limitless. Join me, if you will on this fantastic voyage.

I will take you through every step towards living lusciously.

Step 1 Define your vision

Step 2 Remove false beliefs that limit your manifestation power

Step 3 Raise your vibration

Step 4 Believe in your success

Step 5 Love your Dream

Step 6 LIVE your dream

In future posts I will break this process down into plain English and give you very specific actions to take that will improve your experience of life. 


I am a graphic designer living my dream of working at an ad agency. It did not come to me instantly, and I had to overcome major unexpected trauma to get here but once I learned the principles of the Law of Attaction, co-creation and positive thought reformatting things started to flow to me more effortlessly. I am here with a new venture I've always known was meant to exist. is the portal to your bohemian dreams. A life of ease and beauty and fulfillment is within your grasp. The pain of your past and false beliefs need no longer hold you back from achieving health, wellness, abundance and prosperity. In this blog and in my upcoming vlog I will discuss...

Trauma Recovery
Alternative Healing
Overcoming the pain and injustices of the world
Living a life of purpose and meaning
How to live an ecstatic blissful life

Join me on this voyage of discovery!
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