Trauma Drama? Break through to Ecstasy!

We all know the power of positive thinking. How do we claim the riches that belong to us? How do we feel royally divine? 


Digging for gold? When your followers are underground.

Hello my beautiful. My love. My desire.
I want to know you. I want to change the world with you. 

I have always found my tribe in unlikely places, collecting overachieving introverts and underdogs as friends. Now that I’m looking in the digital sphere for my soul brothers and sisters to learn from, co-create with and serve, feedback has come slowly but surely. 

Wanna ride with the wind? Time to build your gypsy wagon!

Bloggers paint the picture of a romantic traveling lifestyle with ultra luxe camper conversions and super tight Airstreams. The dream is alive to work from home pursuing your passion, or work from your traveling home seeing the world.


Hazards of Exposing Yourself: Freeing Your Wild Gyspy Soul

Fear of Failure? Do it anyway. Fear of Mediocrity? Oh just keep going.

You can delete your less inspired content later. You know you are not yet perfectly doing what you are hoping to do, and you are putting it on display that you are a student. You strive for the badassness at all times but sometimes you have to use what I call a placeholder as you develop other

Pirate's Pleasure: Swag for Swashbuckling

Lads and lasses, get on your boots and polish your periscope, because these are the days of the pirate’s pleasure. Jumping from ship to ship on waves of adventure, you are in need of threads fit for swashbuckling. Adorned with jewels from uncharted lands, your reputation needn’t precede you as you arrive looking suitably infamous. 

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